Montag, 9. Mai 2011

New members in April 2011

Ich wurde heute offiziell, unter anderen Personen, im Intranet vorgestellt (Unter der Kategorie "New members in April 2011"), bzw. ich habe mich selber vorgestellt. Aber seht selbst (mit offizieller Genehmigung vom Human Ressource Manager):

Name: Jan-Eike Rosentha
Designation: Associate, Marketing
Team and location: Marketing, Vashi
Date of joining: April 11, 2011
Birthday: December 11
Interests: Football, jogging, movies, reading, surfing, traveling.
Family: I live in a typical patchwork family, which is quite normal in Germany. Because my mother brought me up on her own and never married my father. But I have a quite good relationship to him. After a few years my mother married my step father, who had already 2 daughters. The oldest is 2 years older than me and is already married. The other one is 3 years younger than me and works as a geriatric nurse. But I don't call them my step-sisters, because we have a really good relationship.When I was 14 my youngest sister was born. Right now she's 15. My mother and my step father work for the same employer, a big assurance company. My father studied business economics and works now for a consultant company in Hamburg.

About me: I grew up in a small village called Salem. When I was 15 we moved to Mölln, a town which is 60km away from Hamburg. After my A-Level and military service at the mechanized infantry, I started my business economics studies at the University of Rostock. After some time, a lot of exams, a few internships and my diploma thesis (Customer Confusion – An analysis in the light of coping strategies) I finished my studies with a diploma (equivalent to the master degree). After spending 6 months for a suitable internship abroad, I stumble over the job description of Cactus. After some emails, interviews, etc. I got the job and that’s how I came to sit here and complete this form about myself.  In my free time I play a lot of football. Either I play with my friends or more serious in a team. So, if you’re interested in some competition don’t hesitate to ask. Apart to that I love to travel around the world. My last holiday was spent on Crete, a small Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea.

PS.: Das Foto gehört auf jeden Fall in die Kategorie "Nicht schön, aber selten." Ich hatte aber einen meiner "Really-Pissed-Off-Tage", da bekanntermaßen mein Gepäck nicht mit mir in Indien landete.

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